UoPeople and Simone Biles: Bragging Rights ACTIVATED

The next time I’ll have an opportunity to introduce myself, it is going to be easy and straight to the point. I’ll say: “My name is Sebastiane Ebatamehi and Simone Biles – the most decorated American Gymnast of all time, is my course mate!

When I first saw the UoPeople tweet saying Simone Biles has enrolled in my school and also launched the SIMONE BILES LEGACY SCHOLARSHIP FUND devoted to those in foster care and others; my joy (sorry, I meant to say ‘pride’ Image result for shy smiley ) knew no bounds.

As if been a student in the WORLD’S FIRST NON-PROFIT TUITION FREE ACCREDITED ONLINE UNIVERSITY isn’t enough to brag about, UoPeople has gifted me another missile to equip my armory. SIMONE BILES? The ‘Simone Biles’? No way!

I am a big admirer of Simone Biles and her ‘funny’ photograph with former first lady, Michelle Obama was my screen saver for over a year. Simone inspires me a lot and although she is eight years younger than I am Image result for laughter smiley she is one of my role models and I am very grateful to my school for creating an avenue for possible interaction between us.

Michelle Obama and Simone Biles

Yes, I have the BRAGGING RIGHTS! I can stand toe to toe with any student in the world. I’m a student of UoPeople – a university which among many things is school to the MOST DECORATED AMERICAN GYMNAST OF ALL TIME; with 38 Medals (27 Gold, 8 Silver, 3 Bronze) between 2013 and 2016 alone. CAN YOU BEAT THAT?! 

I have nothing close to Simone Biles trophy cabinet, so I cannot BRAG like her when she said: “I’m not the next Usian Bolt or Micheal Phelps.  I’m the FIRST Simone Biles.”

…….and I’m kilometers away from attaining the position Shei Reshef – Founder and President of University of the People stands when he BRAGGED saying: “When we’ll realize we’re not needed anymore, we’ll go to sleep and have another dream.”

But I can boldly beat my chest and BRAG that: “My name is Sebastiane Ebatamehi; and Simone Biles – the most decorated American gymnast of all time, is my course mate at University of the People!”

Wouldn’t you rather join the only university in the world with a ‘SIMONE BILES’…….and BRAG like me? Well, you should!


1 thought on “UoPeople and Simone Biles: Bragging Rights ACTIVATED

  1. Many thanks to UoPeople for making my dreams come true. I can’s believe my role model is now my course mate – UoPeople made this happen


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